what makes
us special

Instead of selling or renting our Expert Advisors we have decided to provide them for free for everyone! We have been developing AlgosFor a long time and we are running successful Asset ManagementThis is why we decided to give something back to retail traders.With over 5 Trillion daily turnover there is enough money for all!

What we are Doing

Our Team

We are a team of five Quantanalysts and Developers. We are running a succesfull Private Asset Management company since over 5 years. As we have developed over 1000 profitable trading systems so far we have decided to give something back to the retail FX industry which is full of Scams, wrong promises and misleading informations… This is why we launched our community!

how we develope our strategies

We are running Quant based computation outside of the MetaTrader 4 environment. After testing and verifing the results we will port it to MetaTrader 4 propertiary coding language called MQL4. We mantain an Infrastructure with over 250 CPU Cores, 2 TB Ram and dedicated GPU’s which will help us to optimize and test Algorithms faster than most private persons can ever do. We are using institutional software like MathLab and other institutional software.

Why we choose tegasFX as partner

True ECN/STP Brokerage

With tegasFX we found a real ECN/STP Broker with Low-Latency execution. All Expert Advisors are running profitable with low-latency execution. If you have any questions about an order you will be able to get a detailed post-trade execution report from tegasFX, something we have missed with most other brokers that claime to be STP/ECN that we have tried in the past.

Robust Technology

tegasFX have partnered with the leading and just 2018 awarded as best connectivity provider for MetaTrader 4/5.

All the infrastructure is hosted in Equinix LD4 Datacenter which is also the home of our Server Partners.

opportunities for additional revenue

tegasFX have launched their Social Trading Platform in 2017 which is totally free of charge for both Clients and Signal Providers. There are no additional Commissions or Spread Markups like with most Brokers who are adding around 0.5 Pips and up to 2.0 Pips to their PAMM or Social Trading offers.

We believe this is a fair way to operate business. You will be able to start your own Signal and make an additional revenue when building your own Portfolio of profitable Trading Strategies. 

Our Server Partners

Established in 2011, Beeks has grown from having a single site in New Jersey, to having a presence in 11 international data centres, offering both low latency connectivity within the data centres to various venues and a Point to Point Wide Area Network joining its sites around the world.

Disruptively designed for Forex, Stock, Commodities, Equities and other Derivatives Traders and Brokers, our Virtual Trader Desktop and VPS plans give you the superior Speed, Control, Security, and Flexibility that businesses and power users require. All of our VPS options are feature rich and functionally equivalent to dedicated servers.

learn! smart is great.

Trading can change Your Life

frequently asked questions

Please find below the most asked questions. You can contact us anytime via Telegram Group, Private Message or our Contact Form.

Why should i start trading?

Spot FX is the biggest market in the world with over 5 Trillion daily turnover. There is enough liquidity available that even 10’000 community members could use our Algorithms and still be profitable.

Why I need to open an account with tegasFX?

To run our Algorithms you will need to have a MetaTrader 4 Broker Account anyway. But as Prices and Execution can have huge differents between Brokers, which can results in losses we decided to chose tegasFX. As we could obtain real Tick-Data with ToB (Top-of-Book) and total volume from them on optimize our Algorithms the right way.

How to Install an Expert Advisor?

You can find plenty of tutorials and videos in the Internet how to install an Expert Advisor. You can visit the guide at MetaQuotes which is the platform provider. Otherwise join our Telegram Group to get help from our Admins or other peoples from our Community.

Can I buy your products?

We don’t want any money from our customers, as this is a community driven project with a Telegram Member Group. You can still contact us for institutional or business requests.

How to test an expert advisor?

For accurate Backtests please just backtest using the Tick Data Suite. There is a free 14 Days Trial availabe. This enables 99,9% Model Quality as well as adjust Slippage, Execution and other Parameters to simulate a Live environment.